Inspired by the beat-movements of the 60s, present indie music, and singer-songwriters from the American South, Blahalouisiana delivers a fresh, energetic performance that soon became the favorite of thousands of musically conscious fans in Hungary.
Blahalouisiana was chosen as a support band by MORCHEEBA in Budapest in December 2013, where they played their first sold-out show with an audience of thousands. Blahalouisiana was also featured on Balcony TV Budapest, performing ‘Walking in the Rain’, and winning the Global Music Rumble twice in a row. The song was also chosen as the Editor’s Pick Song of the Month in June and People’s Choice Show of the Month in October 2014.
More Hungarian singles and music videos, and another Balcony TV appearance followed , while the band toured the country as a headliner and also supported Quimby on their spring 2015 tour.
In the summer of 2016, the band had its first Main Stage appearances at Orfű festival, SZIN festival, and Eisenstadt, Austria, alongside playing all the other important Hungarian music festivals. The band started touring in the nearby countries (Slovakia, Austria, Romania, Czech Republic).
The band published its first full-length album in April 2016, featuring new songs both in English and Hungarian, and the single ’Deeper (I’m going deeper)’ with a lyric video.
Other concerts abroad followed: Estonia (Tallinn Music Week), The Hague (NL) – King’s Day, Embassy Festival, Austria (Grosswarasdorf), Romania (Oradea).
In the summer of 2017, Blahalouisiana was present at all the Hungarian music festivals (including Sziget), and played the Main Stage at four of them.
The second Blahalouisiana album, also containing songs both in English and Hungarian, was released in October 2017, while the pre-released single ’Túl távol, elég közel’ already peaked radio charts reaching place no.1 on the national radio channel in the beginning of the year.
After a sold-out album release show on the 3rd November 2017 at A38, Blahalouisiana is touring the country with the new album an organizing a Russian tour in spring 2018.

Blahalouisiana members:
Barbara Schoblocher – vocals
Gábor Jancsó – bass
László Mózner – guitars
András Szajkó – guitars
Máté Pénzes – keyboards
Ádám Juhász – drums

Releases by Gold Record / Rebel Music:
2013 // Tales of Blahalouisiana (EP)
2014 // Az első reggelen (single)
2014 // Moving On (single)
2014 // Magamban még (EP)
2015 // Ahol összeér (single)
2015 // Máshol várnak (single)
2016 // Blahalouisiana (ALBUM)
2016 // Túl távol, elég közel (single)
2017 // Szólj rám, ha hangosan énekelek (single)
2017 // Ha élni felejtek (single)
2017 // Egyetlen magányom (single)
2017 // Alagutak, fények, nagymamád jegenyéi (ALBUM)