Blahalouisiana was founded on the summer of 2012. Led by the wonderful vocalist Schoblocher Barbara, the band’s first single ’The Wanderer’ was dominating the first place on MR2’s Top 30 list.
For 1,5 years they had more than 50 gigs, performed on MR2’s ’Akusztik’, at VOLT festival, and shared the stage with acts like 30y, Magashegyi Underground, We Are Rockstars, Bermuda, Hangmás, NEO, Intim Torna Illegál, HEaven Street Seven and Akkezdet Phiai. The first EP, ’Tales of Blahalouisiana’ was included in Recorder blog’s and Lángoló Gitárok’s favorite recordings of 2013.

In December 2013, Blahalouisiana gave a sold out show performing in PeCsa as the supporting act of Morcheeba. In 2014, they released songs like “Az első reggelen”, “Without me”, “Magamban még”, and “Moving on”. A year later they had huge success with the video of “Ahol összeér”. 2016 saw the release of their self-titled debut album.

Blahalouisiana members:
Barbara Schoblocher – vocals
Gábor Jancsó – bass
László Mózner – guitars
András Szajkó – guitars
Máté Pénzes – keyboards
Ádám Juhász – drums

Releases by Gold Record / Rebel Music:
2013 // Tales of Blahalouisiana (EP)
2014 // Az első reggelen (single)
2014 // Moving On (single)
2014 // Magamban még (EP)
2015 // Ahol összeér (single)
2015 // Máshol várnak (single)
2016 // Blahalouisiana (ALBUM)
2016 // Túl távol, elég közel (single)
2017 // Szólj rám, ha hangosan énekelek (single)
2017 // Ha élni felejtek (single)
2017 // Egyetlen magányom (single)
2017 // Alagutak, fények, nagymamád jegenyéi (ALBUM)

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