A band of this earth!
But what does a fan say? This of course:
„I love them, they kick ass live – I’m down for a Fish! gig anytime, anywhere!”
What about the music-blogger?
„Can’t say too much about Fish!. They don’t work with shoe-gazing pictures with deep, meaningful messages as Facebook posts, they just get up on stage, they rip your head off, kick it a few times, and finish with an amazing touchdown.”

fish! members:
Krisztián Kovács / Senior Hal – vocals, guitars
Mátyás Gajda – guitars
Zsolt Binges – bass
Dávid Hámori – drums

fish! releases published by Gold Record / Rebel Music:
2011 // Sav (ALBUM)
2012 // A világ végén (EP)
2013 // Konzervzene (ALBUM)
2015 // Ne is figyelj rám (EP)
2015 // Gyújtsuk fel! (single)
2016 // Idő van (ALBUM)
2017 // Visszhang (single)
2018 // Felemás (single)
2018 // Felemás Quixotic 85 Remix (single)