Gergely Bálint Papp, Máté Bence Péter, and Ahmed Moussa – the three dancers of Fricska – cooked up the ideal recipe: conquer the world, get back home, and set a new World Record.

They visited The States, travelled to Italy, they even performed on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent, then they stole the audience’s heart in the show’s Hungarian counterpart.
Their World Record is just the icing on the cake: together they had 3937 taps and hits in under 2 minutes, and Ahmed managed 41 taps in 1 second, exceeding Michael Flatley’s previous record.
The team danced around the world since then: they performed on the Closing Ceremony of the Monte Carly Rally, during the UEFA European Championship in Paris, at the Olympic Games in Rio, and finally at the Beijing International Book Fair.

Members of the group:
Ahmed Moussa
Máté Bence Papp
Gergely Bálint Papp