Gergő Oláh

Gergő Oláh is the winner of the Hungarian X-Factor’s third season. As an artist he performs songs such as “Törj ki a csendből” and “Tükör előtt”. His brand new song “Emlékek őre” (released by Gold Record) was popular enough so that he, and two other X-Factor winners, Tibor Kocsis & Dóra Danics toured the Hungarian radios. He got the finals in the Hungarian Eurovision Song Contest three times (2014/2016/2017), in 2017 with his new band, the ethnic-modern pop band Roma Soul. 2016 saw the release of his album ‘Genetika’.

Releases by Gold Record:
2015 // Emlékek őre (single)
2015 // Beleállok (single)
2016 // Győz a jó (single)
2016 // Genetika (ALBUM)

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