Smelly, dirty, unkempt, raw, young, very energetic music with lots of melodies, and with no strings attached. These words describe the guys’ first EP „Akarom, hogy érezd”. Headbengs is a regular performer at many festivals during the summer. Their second EP “Bele az éjszakába” was released in 2015. It has the powerful guitar-driven piece “Mindig az a nő”.

Headbengs members:
Gergő Barabás – vocals, guitar
Bálint Szula – bass
András Paczolay – drums

Releases by Gold Record / Rebel Music:
2014 // Akarom, hogy érezd (EP)
2015 // Mindig az a nő (single)
2015 // Bele az éjszakába (EP)
2017 // Lent a csúcson (EP)

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