Horányi Juli YOULÏ

Juli Horányi is best known as the runner-up in the Hungarian X-Factor’s fifth season. Her first song “Electrical” was released by HungarSound May 2015.

October 2015 saw the release of her first EP, ‘Szerelemtől szabadon’. The songs were written in collaboration with Szabolcs Harmath (who is best known as the writer for some NOX and Janicsák Veca songs), and Gábor Csordás (with whom Juli did some nu jazz songs a few years back).

Her song ‘Come along’ participated in the Eurovision Song Contest’s Hungarian round – A Dal 2016.

Released by Gold Record:
2015 // Szerelemtől szabadon (EP)
2016 // Holdutazás (single)
2016 // 1956 (EP)
2016 // Wake Up! (single)
2016 // Catch Me! (single) [collaboration with ÍV]
2017 // Aranyszárnyú (single) [collaboration with Lotfi Begi]
2017 // YOULÏ (album)
2017 // Arany lemez (album) [collaboration with Various Artists]