Koalabell’s line-up hasn’t changed since the band’s founding on 28th March 2009. Throughout the years they played at various clubs in Budapest (for example: Dürer Kert, A38, Kuplung, Showbarlang), and they could travel the country with the help of Cseh Tamás Program. Their first video klip (for ‘Heaven’s Everywhere’) was released in April 2016, and the song was well received by the hungarian radiostations. In 2016 they played at the famous Sziget Festival.
Koalabell is planning to release their first EP in 2016.

They are influenced by: Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Kensington, John Mayer,Biffy Clyro, The 1975, Bryan Adams, Phil Collins

Bacsó Bence – bass
Balla Ákos – drums
Balla Balázs – lead vocals, guitars
Monostory Barnabás – guitars

Releases by Gold Record / Rebel Music:
2016 // Heaven’s Everywhere (single)
2017 // 42 (ALBUM)
2017 // Negyvenkettő (single)