Lombos úr

Márton Lombos was born in 1974 in Balassagyarmat. Studies cultural management and psychology at Pécs and Miskolc, and worked as a graphologist at the Hungarian Literature Society. He’s been writing songs since his childhood. His thoughts were implemented into pop, jazz, rock, chamber and classical music on almost 50 albums. He works with many artists, including BackIIBlak, Laci Gáspár, Erika Náray, Edina Szirtes, Group’n’Swing, Adri Nagy, Nikolas Takács, Hooligans, Gitano, Sugarloaf, Emilio, Berci Temesi, and Harmonia Garden.

Releases by Gold Record:
2014 // Voodoopest (ALBUM)
2014 // Jazz utca 10 (single)
2015 // Rírarira Ríra (Vajon mit kapok karira?) (single)
2017 // Kasza Tibi lájvban van (single)
2017 // Megrakják a tüzet (EP)