Margaret Island

Margaret Island was established in the end of 2013 by Viki Lábas, Kristóf Törőcsik & Bálint Füstös. Their sound is influenced by today’s acoustic-folk-pop hits and traditional folk music. During their many live performances the trio is joined by members of some of the most succesful new bands in Hungary. After many singles, their debut album ’EGYSZER VOLT’ was released in September 2015, which they presented at a sold-out show, on board of the A38 Ship. Their second album ‘BAKANCSLISTA’ was released in December 2016.

2016. Gold Record for Egyszer volt
2016. Akvárium Klub Nagyhall – Sold-out Bakancslista release show
2016. Akvárium Klub Nagyhall – Sold-out 2. Birthday show
2016. Petőfi Zenei Awards nominee in 3 categories
2016. Comet nominee in 2 categories
2016. Fonogram Award winner: Fresh talent of the year
2016. Fonogram Award nominee in 2 categories
2015. A38 Ship – Sold-out Egyszer volt release show
2015. The band’s first LP was on MAHASZ list’s 2nd place in it’s first weeks
2014. Hangfoglaló Hungary First prize
2014. Talent of the year: Bálint Füstös

Viki Lábas – vocals
Bálint Füstös – guitar
Kristóf Törőcsik – bass

Tamás Verók – guitar
Kurszán Koltay – keyboards
Dániel Gerendás – drums
Berci Sárkány – percussions

Releases by Gold Record:
2015 // Maniac Marathon (single)
2015 // Nem voltál jó (single)
2015 // Csillagtalan (single)
2015 // Egy lány sétál a domboldalon (single)
2015 // Egyszer volt (ALBUM)
2016 // Libikóka (single)
2016 // Sárga Levelek (single)
2016 // Bakancslista (ALBUM)
2017 // Arany lemez (ALBUM) [collaboration with Various Artists]
2018 // Hóvirág (single)
2018 // Legszebb szavak (single)