New Level Empire

A Hungarian electro-pop-rock live act with a very special sound. Currently they have two studio albums under their belts, the newest one being a fresh Gold Record release (“Valahol valamit valakivel”). The band is touring in clubs and performs on almost every television show.

Sándor “Newl” Nyújtó (drums)
Péter “Krash” Krajczár (keyboards)
Zoltán Szilveszter “Zola” Ujvári (vocals, guitars)
Fanni Seprényi (bass)
György Leplovics (guitars)

Releases by Gold Record:
2017 // Hallod Látod Érzed (single)
2017 // Hallod Látod Érzed Budai Remix (single)
2017 // Belédfulladnék (single)
2017 // Belédfulladnék Remixek (EP)
2017 // Valahol Valamit Valakivel (ALBUM)
2018 // Odafuthatnánk (SINGLE)