Peti Puskás

Peti Puskás met with his first taste of success in 2005 when he participated in the hungarian talent show, Megasztár’s 3rd season. During the live show, Peti showed many of his different faces and stage charisma. On his first album (released in 2007) he took part in the songwriting. Success did knock on his door: between 2007 and 2009, he was nominated ’Best male artist’ at VIVA Comet. He won a VIVA Comet globe in 2009 for the music video of ’Állítsuk meg a világot’, which he wrote and directed (like his others).

Peti played the young Freddie Mercury at the Freddie Mercury memorial concert at Margitsziget’s Szabadtéri Színpad.

He is also a theater actor who is often called to play roles on stage. Peti could be heard in ’Nyomorultak’, ’A padlás’, ’Szegények és gazdagok’, ’Robin Hood’. He even performed in Madách Teather’s ’József és a színes szélesvásznú álomkabát’. But his acting career doesn’t necessary teather only, he can be seen in movies as well: ’Casting minden’and ’Made in Hungária’.

Recently he formed The Biebers with his brother, which is pretty much his new projekt.

Péter Puskás releases :
2008 // Állítsuk meg a világot / Fura figurák (single)
2010 // Léggömb (single)
2012 // Csillagok (single)
2012 // Kártyavár (single)
2013 // Amíg a tűz ég (single)

The Biebers releases:
2013 // Sorry (single)
2013 // Summer Love Ghost (single)
2014 // Stay (single)
2014 // Rhythm of Joy (single)
2014 // Stay Remix (EP)
2014 // Summer Deluxe Edition (EP)
2014 // Memories (single)
2015 // Rhythm of Joy (Roberto Rios X Dan Sparks remix) (single)
2015 // Sorry (nyitottak vagyunk) (single)
2015 // Livin’ In (single)
2015 // The Biebers (ALBUM)
2016 // Sun is Shining (single)
2016 // A város (EP)
2016 // Minden a miénk (single)
2016 // Minden a miénk (Pixa remix) (single)
2017 // Vár a holnap (ALBUM)
2017 // Vár a holnap (Roberto Rios X Dan Sparks Remix) (single)
2017 // Rakjuk össze (single)
2017 // Rakjuk össze (Roberto Rios X Dan Sparks Remix) (single)