The band was formed in 2001 by three guys who were already working with known and lesser known bands. Imre Mózsik (the drummer) has been playing with different acts since the beginning of the 80ies: after leaving ’Mester és Tanítványai’ he joined ’UP!’. This is where he meets with Szabolcs Papp (bass) and Tibor Pulius (guitars), whom he forms Supernem with.

In just a few years, Supernem becomes a favorite for the hungarian concert-scene, because they sit well with the young audience. Along the years they released 5 albums, and the music video for ’Generáció’ wins the award for „Best hungarian music video of the year” at VIVA Comet.

2011 marks a new era for the band: they release their fourth album ’Tudományos Fantasztikus Pop’, and they are joined by keyboardist Bálint Kubányi. With this record being superior to their earlier works, Supernem show that they deserve to be one of the most important hungarian bands.

In the beginning of 2014. they made a video for ’Egy a millióból’ – they even bought and destroyed an actual bus during the shooting. Their fifth album, ’Túl a frekvencián’ was released in the spring.

In 2015, they recorded a battle hymn for Pécs’s PINKK 424 basketball team. The song is called “Győzelem”. A year later, founding member Imre Mózsik left the band, and Dávid Nagy (of ‘Óriás’) joined Supernem’s ranks as the drummer. Supernem is planning a brand new studio album for the year 2017.

Supernem members:
Szabolcs Papp – lead vocals, bass
Tibor Pulius – guitars
Bálint Kubányi – keyboards
Dávid Nagy – drums

Supernem releases by Gold Record / Rebel Music:
2003 // Hangosabban! (ALBUM)
2005 // Tejfog (ALBUM)
2014 // Túl a frekvencián (ALBUM)
2015 // Győzelem (single)
2017 // Egy nap egy év (single)
2017 // Jelezz vissza (single)
2018 // Weekend (single)
2018 // Weekend (ALBUM)