The Luckies

“The Luckies is Hungary’s new hope in musical export.” – György
 Ligeti (Zagar, We are Rockstars, Open Air Rádió)

The Luckies – this fresh band from Budapest – consists of five young people, and was formed in 2015. They are blues rockers, reminiscing their listeners of the sixties, seventies. There’s a bit of rock’n’roll here and there, and this mix makes them suitable for younger audiences.

Their success in the Hungarian Music scene was imminent. They released their EP ‘No Longer Blue’ only after two months of founding the band, and presented the songs at the Schönherz Club in front of 150 people. Soon, they gave sold-out shows in Mike Tivadar, Roma Bár, Kuplung, and performed as guests at Ivan & The Parazol’s release party.

In 2016 december, their first album (entitled ‘The Luckies’ First Album’) saw the light of day.

The Luckies members:
Tim Atkins – vox
Márton Springer – lead guitar
Soma Horváth – lead guitar
Márton Pongor – bass
Péter Stanfel – drums

Releases by Gold Record / Rebel Music:
2016 // The Luckies’ First Album (ALBUM)
2017 // Age of Stupidity (single)

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