Tibor Kocsis

Tibor Kocsis is the winner of the second Hungarian X-Factor. His first song “Lásd a csodát” gave him huge recognition. On the summer of 2015 he performed his new song “Egyszerű szó” on a radio-tour, with two other X-Factor winners, Gergő Oláh & Dóra Danics. In 2016 he presented his brand new singles, ‘Másolt kazetták’, and ‘Chuck Norris’. On 09.29.2016, his new album ‘3’ was released.

Releases by Gold Record:
2016 // Másolt kazetták (single)
2016 // Chuck Norris (single)
2016 // 3 (ALBUM)
2017 // Várj még (Tropical Radio Edit) (single)

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