Veca Janicsák

Veca Janicsák (born as Veronika Janicsák) is a vocalist, born 19th October 1989. in Budapest.

She’s been training since her early childhood, and thus kept winning every singing competition during her school years. With her high school formation the „Umszki Band”, she received the honor to perform at Sziget Festival at the age of 15. Veca performed regularly at her father’s concerts, where she was adored by many.

Veca auditioned in the hungarian talent show ’Csillag Születik’ in 2007, but she only got to the semifinals. After that she formed ’Pop & Roll’ – a band which performed their own songs – with her childhood friend, Emil Wagner. Veca wrote the english lyrics.

By this time, the Nickelodeon channel (MTV Networks, Viacom) asked Veca to record vocals for many of their movies’ and series’ hungarian soundtracks.  She even sang the title of ’Tök éretlenek’ as Emma Roberts’ hungarian counterpart.

In 2010 she auditioned again, this time in X-Faktor. From the first moment, the mentors were already speaking about her personality and her voice in superlatives. She got into the semifinals, the Mentors’ House, and also to the live shows. She finished fourth, yet she was qualified as the best female vocalist.

Since then, she has released 4 records, her recent one is ’Édes szavakkal’, released in 2013.

Releases by Gold Record:
2017 // Látóhatár (single)