Company info

Gold Record was established in 1997. In it’s first year the company was managing pop groups such as Baby Sisters, Alexa and Emberek. Over the years, our rooster was expanding, man talents were exclusive (Roy & Ádám, VIP). In 2002 we have worked with the multi platinum winner band Fiesta.

Since 2004, Gold Record is a record company taking seats in Mahasz and BIEM-IFPI. Thanks to the company’s flexibility and independency, we had to chance to work with almost every sector of the entertainment business, and thus our event- and concert organizing department grown with the experiences.

Between 2008 and 2010 our artist gallery was mainly made up of teen pop groups. Lola won many awards including numerous gold records, SP had sold out Arena concerts, and Fluor helped to bring hip hop back to Hungarian audiences.

Since 2010 we are the exclusive management / booking company of the Hungarian X-Factor. We shaped the careers of Takács Nikolas and the Eurovision 2011 conestant Wolf Kati.

In 2013 we launched a new label Rebel Music, which contains rock and festival bands, whom we give full, 360° support. The genre’s most well-known bands release their recordings here, including Honeybeast, Blahalouisiana, Supernem, fish!, Magashegyi Underground, The Biebers, etc. We also manage up-and-coming groups like Koalabell.

2016 saw a contract with X-Factor and Got Talent’s international rightsholder, SYCO International, who gave Gold Record exclusive musical management rights for every participant in Hungary.

In 2017 Gold Record (with the aid of Cseh Tamás Program) had the chance to organize the Hungarian delegation and bidding at one of Europe’s most prestigious showcase festivals, Eurosonic.

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